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Frances McCoy

Frances McCoy (December 25, 1910 - June 20, 1976) in Poland was an American actress who worked with the Three Stooges in several shorts, and performed in local nightclubs during the 1930s. While her movie career never took off as hoped, she continued performing in a few movie musical shorts and nightclub revues, until she married and left the business.


  • Ben Bernie and His Orchestra - "Hello Baby!" (1930)
  • Wild Company (1930)
  • Soup to Nuts (1930)
  • Rhythm in a Night Court (1937)
  • Sing for Sweetie (1938)



Frances McCoy - Hello Baby! (1930)00:53

Frances McCoy - Hello Baby! (1930)


As Frances Katchen, she died on June 20, 1976, a resident of River Edge, New Jersey.


  • Frances does a slight Helen Kane impression in Ben Bernie and His Orchestra.
  • Gives off a slight resemblance to Mae Questel.
  • Appeared on stage with Helen Kane in 1935, Fox Brooklyn.


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