Helen Kane Upset 1930 Jealous of Mae Questel the Boop Boop a Doop Girl Becoming More Famous Than Her

Through certain complications, RKO has toned down the exploitation of its latest "find", Mae Questel. She is no longer being heralded as the "Prize Winning Boop-Boop-a-Dooper of the Tri-Boro Helen Kane Impersonation Contest". Now she is being publicised simply as "An RKO Find". It is reported that Helen Kane notified the circuit that she is not in favor of the continued use of her name in a tieup with Miss Questel. The circuit took the matter up with its legal department, according to the account, and Miss Kane's request was heeded. Miss Questel was taken under the RKO wing after her victory in the Helen Kane Contest, and was given a string of local dates with much exploitation. She pinch-hit for Helen Kane at Proctor's 58th Street, when the latter was taken ill and canceled several weeks ago.