>Mae Questel, who won a Helen Kane contest by out-booping the original "Boop-Boopa-Doop" girl, will give another series of imitations of movie stars as the featured artist on the program over KSTP at 7:30 p.m. Thursday. The program on which she appears is culled entirely from hits from the talkies. Surrounding Miss Questel's offerings will b an orchestral program by the ensemble orchestra under the direction of Don Voorhees, and vocal selections featuring Luda Bennett, soprano, and Frank Parker, tenor, and the male quartet. Edmund (Tiny) Ruffner will be guest announcer. Mae Questel will present two of her best-liked impersonations, those of Maurice Chevalier and Marlene Dietrich. She will sing the number from "The Fallen Angel" which definitely established Miss Dietrich's stardom. "Falling in Love Again," and Chevalier's "My Ideal" from the picture "Playboy of Paris." The latest talking picture successes contribute their hit numbers for the remainder of the program. Such hits as "The Rogue Song," "The Hollywood Revue," "Easy Going," "Spring Is Here," "Broadway Melody," and "Monte Carlo" will be represented.