Mae Questel Palace Helen Kane 1930

A little singer appearing at the Palace Theater this week, unprogrammed and unheralded, has attracted wide attention and brought many inquiries to the management as to her identity. This young "Boop-Boop-a-Doop" singer is appearing in the Waite Hoyt and Freddie Coots act. Her name is Mae Questelle (Mae Questel) and she thanks Helen Kane for the opportunity that has come her way. Some weeks ago when Miss Kane played the R.K.O Fordham Theater, she proposed an Opportunity Night for young talented girls in the Bronx. It was at one of these local talent nights that Helen Kane herself made her stage debut, and she wanted to help provide a beginning for some other young women in the Bronx, who, like herself might find fame and fortune. She acted as one of the judges and personally added a cash prize for the winner. There were over forty entries and Miss Questelle was the lucky winner. Since that time she has appeared in some of the R.K.O neighborhood houses, but this week she is making her debut on Broadway, as Helen Kane predicted she would.