Mae Questel Ain't Cha 1931

A program of novelty dance melodies will be presented by Freddie Rich and his orchestra, from WABC at 8 Wednesday night. On the same broadcast a selected vocal chorus will sing "The King's Horses," "Reaching For the Moon" and "I've Got a Sweet Soembody to Love Me," Gladys Rice original member of Roxy's Gang, will include selections from musical comedy and operetta, when she appears as guest artist over the WEAF network at 8:30. She will be accompained by Nathaniel Shilkret's orchestra. The WJZ pleasure hour will feature May Questelle, (Mae Questel) famous songbird and impersonator. She will sing "There's Danger in Your Eyes Cherie," "Ain't Cha," and "Valentine." She will give a clever impersonation of Irène Bordoni and Maurice Chevalier. Rachael Morton, soprano, assisted by Ormandy's Symphony orchestra, will be heard in a group of operatic numbers from WABC at 10:30.