Mae Questel 1931 Questelle Helen Kane Impersonator Imitator Mimic March

May Questelle, (Mae Questel) the pretty little songbird and impersonator, will be guest star of the Camel Pleasure Hour Wednesday evening, March 18th. On the air Miss Questelle's imirations of theater and radio celebrities are so accurate that it's impossible to tell, for instance, whether she is imitating Helen Kane or Helen Kane is imitating herself or Miss Questelle. It's that close. The R.K.O theaters in New York recently held a Helen Kane contest which Miss Questelle won by a Boop, thereby receiving an engagement at one of Broadway's temples of vaudeville. 

She even looks like Helen Kane and recently substituted in a New York production for her. And the audience never knew the difference, she's that pretty. 

Miss Questelle will also impersonate two other celebrities who have broadcast on the Camel Pleasure Hour - Irène Bordoni and Maurice Chevalier. The program will be broadcast from WJZ at 9:30 Eastern Standard Time and will be repeated at 11:15 the same evening to a coast to-coast hook-up.