Mae Questel Quotes:
  • 1. "It was such fun I loved everything I did. And I loved Max, he was wonderful to me. He called me my little Betty Boop. "

  • 2. "Just two months after my wedding, I entered a Helen Kane contest and won first prize."

  • 3. "I heard that there was an audition for a girl to supply the voice of Betty Boop in a cartoon series. I applied and won the job."

  • 4. "I may be the voice of a baby, a dog, a parrot, a duck, an owl, a lion, a monkey or some character who speaks with a French, Polish, German or Spanish dialect."

  • 5. "I did go down to Florida to do a picture where I did a few voices but one was a cute one called a little Bee Scout."

  • 6. Interviewer: "Can you do quickly a Casper the Ghost of whom you were?" Mae Questel: "No, I wasn't Casper the Ghost, I was in Casper the Ghost doing various voices." Interviewer: "Oh, other characters, I thought you did Casper the Ghost." Mae Questel: "No I didn't, I also did a lot of voices." (TV Commercial Stars -1978)

  • 7. "I won a contest and bingo I was signed that night and it was a big thrill and I loved doing Betty Boop!"

  • 8. " I had a very high voice but since then I lowered my voice, I had to because every time I did a show or something else a director would say Mae you are doing the Betty Boop voice again!"

  • 9. "Isn't it funny honey that everybody says where are your Scott Towels and do you really think they are heavy, but they are."

  • 10. "We do six to seven commercials a year, and it takes me to Las Vagas for a vacation."

  • 11. "You know, I'm a collector's item now. Some of the old records I made for the Decca people are now buying as collectors items."

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