Mae Questel Quotes:
  • 1. "It was such fun I loved everything I did. And I loved Max, he was wonderful to me. He called me my little Betty Boop."

  • 2. "Just two months after my wedding, I entered a Helen Kane contest and won first prize."

  • 3. "The man who introduced us seemed to dwell longer on my likeness to Miss Kane than he did on the others, and the audience resented what it felt was partiality to me. The contest was to be decided on the cheers of the audience, and when I went on I thought that the announcer had killed my chances to win. I guess I was the most surprised person in the theater when I was selected." 

  • 4. "I heard that there was an audition for a girl to supply the voice of Betty Boop in a cartoon series. I applied and won the job."

  • 5. "I may be the voice of a baby, a dog, a parrot, a duck, an owl, a lion, a monkey or some character who speaks with a French, Polish, German or Spanish dialect."

  • 6. "I did go down to Florida to do a picture where I did a few voices but one was a cute one called a little Bee Scout."

  • 7. Interviewer: "Can you do quickly a Casper the Ghost of whom you were?" Mae Questel: "No, I wasn't Casper the Ghost, I was in Casper the Ghost doing various voices." Interviewer: "Oh, other characters, I thought you did Casper the Ghost." Mae Questel: "No I didn't, I also did a lot of voices." (TV Commercial Stars - 1978)

  • 8. "I won a contest and bingo I was signed that night and it was a big thrill and I loved doing Betty Boop!"

  • 9. "I had a very high voice but since then I lowered my voice, I had to because every time I did a show or something else a director would say Mae you are doing the Betty Boop voice again!"

  • 10. "Isn't it funny honey that everybody says; Where are your Scott Towels? And do you really think they are heavy, but they are."

  • 11. "We do six to seven commercials a year, and it takes me to Las Vagas for a vacation."

  • 12. "You know, I'm a collector's item now. Some of the old records I made for the Decca people are now buying as collectors items."

  • 13. "When my two sons used to brag to the neighborhood kids that their mother was a movie star. The kids didn't believe them, of course, as they had never seen my face on the screen. The boys would come home with black eyes and bloody noses. The closest I ever came to recognition was during the heyday of Betty Boop."

  • 14. "I was having an argument with my landlord over re-painting the kitchen. 'If I didn't know you,' he said, 'I'd think you were the little flapper in the movies.' When I told him I was Betty Boop, he raised my rent and charged me for re-painting." 

  • 15. "Olive Oyl reminded me of actress Zasu Pitts, so I gave her the same whining, high-pitched tones." (1978)

  • 16. "Mae Questel did indeed create A Squeak for the Ages just as my father, Max Fleischer, created an icon for the ages when he created Betty Boop. But Mae's voice was much more than a squeak, just as Betty was much more than an animated cartoon. Together they were a dynamite combination, with Mae's remarkable voice giving a full-blown characterization to Betty Boop's sexy-innocent presence. It's unfortunate that Mae is no longer with us, but Betty Boop, I'm happy to say, is still going strong." (Richard Fleischer - 1999)