Helen Kane contests held here at local RKO houses, Mae Questelle (Mae Questel) shows promise of becoming a good bet as an artiste along different lines than her prototype (Helen Kane). She is being exploited by the RKO Circuit not so much as a clever imitator of the baby-talk star, but rather as an individual character songstress. She got over nicely here in a pleasing deucer of vocal numbers and dialectic impersonations and is ably assisted by her pianistic-announcing partner Joe Daly, formerly standard bearer of the Co-Eds. She does two Helen Kane numbers at the opening and close of her routine. They are "He's So Unusual" and "Please Do Something". Working to Daly in the first and to the pit leader in the second the remainder of her routine stamps her as a capable artiste in her own right. She impersonates Maurice Chevalier in the number from Innocents of Paris and sings one of her own compositions. "The Maids Today Are Driving Me Crazy," a sequenced character-song number in which she subsequently plays the roles of Irish, Italian and Yiddish maids from the Bronx. Miss Questelle returns in a pajama ensemble and sings "Black and Blue Blues," a song story about a kiddie lamenting over constant thrashings from her parents.