Mae Questel Soaky Soap 1965

Mae Questel is featured as Olive Oyl in the 1965 Soaky soap bubble bath commercial. The role not only included voice-over but also included singing the theme song jingle. The commercial also featured Jack Mercer and Jackson Beck. Olive Oyl: "Popeye, Brutus stop fighting over me. You're not? But he is Brutus see! But he's a new Soaky toy too Popeye."  

Mae Questel Soaky Soap 02 1965


Soaky soaks ya clean,

In oceans full of fun.

Scrubbly bubbly flibbly flubbly,

Clean before you're done.

Soaky soaks ya clean,

An every girl and boy,

Gets a toy,

When it's empty when its empty it's a toy.

Olive Oyl:

"Look for the new Popeye and Brutus Soaky toy. More fun than getting dirty!"