The Kids in the Shoe
The Kids In the Shoe (1935)

The Kids In the Shoe (1935)


The Kids in the Shoe

 Mae Questel has a leading role in the 1935 Fleischer Studios animated cartoon The Kids in the Shoe, where she plays the old woman in the shoe. In her role, she performs the theme song "The Woman in the Shoe". Questel also does a few background vocals in the Paramount short, including some of the woman in the shoe's children. 

The Woman in the Shoe

If you have a lot of children,

And you don't know what to do.

Just follow the advice of the woman in the shoe,

Just use a little kindness and a lot of patience too,

If you want to be as happy as the woman in the shoe.

So you see that raising children isn't very hard to do,

If you only take it easy like the woman in the shoe.

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